I help VA's, obm's & pm's

 step into the role of ceo in their online businesses and triple their income.


Before becoming my own boss, I worked as an online business manager for 6, 7, and 8 figure online businesses. I’ve hustled call centers, tackled systems trainings of tech VAs, and managed everything in between. When it comes to online business, I’ve got the inside scoop.


But here’s
the real deal

As savvy as I am now, things weren’t always smooth sailing.

I started my journey a few weeks after the birth of my son. At the time, I was desperate for a way to work from home and needed to provide for a growing family. We were living in the Dominican Republic with no AC, eating rice for lunch everyday, and something had to change.

So I got a job at a call center, working for $10 an hour. Due to birth complications, I was in and out of the hospital. I was chastised by my boss because my son made noises during a call. I was over the old-school model that said Moms have to choose one or the other. Success or family.  

So I tried again.


I researched and found a way to work as a VA. I was gaining momentum, spotting opportunities to improve things for my clients and offering myself for those jobs. 3 months after giving birth, I made enough $$ to replace my income and said adios to that stuffy call center job.

From VA, to tech VA, to online business manager, I did it all. I nerded out on systems and process, found more efficient ways to do things (after all, my beautiful family was growing AGAIN) and realized that…



...even though I was great at being my clients right hand, and still love being behind the scenes in my clients businesses, I really wanted to help other service providers like myself get out of living paycheck to paycheck (or invoice to invoice)...


I wanted to help them get to 10k months and beyond. To help them step into being the CEO of their businesses.


Now, I’m doing exactly what I wanted. At 24 (heck yeah, I did that thang) I put my family first and have built a business that helps other service providers do the same thing.


Whether it’s scaling to $10k-$15k months, creating a KILLER client experience, or handling a tricky client situation, I’ve got ya covered, Boss. 


I believe in going big (heck, I’ve helped entrepreneurs like Abbey Ashley go from a $60k to a $150k launch. ) But more than that, I believe in building a strong foundation. I believe in sustainable business models that rely on systems rather than lost sleep and too much caffeine.

In this space, we’re taking our lives back AND making damn good money. Because, heck yes! We can do this!

We can be wives, moms, VA's, AND be badass business owners.


Ready to drop the hustle and step into being the visionary of your business?

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